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Pepper&Wits Super Fan, Andree´ Robinson Neal, EdD

Posted by pepper& wits on

I found out when I was in my 20s that I had uterine fibroids. My experience has not been as tough as I've heard from other women, like a co-worker whose “pregnancy” turned out to be one large fibroid. But I bled for one year straight; I only knew I was actually having a period when I would pass out from the increase in flow for those few days. A physician told me that the blood flow would stop or at least diminish if I got pregnant, so I did.

I lived with the fibroids until my son was a teen; then I had a partial hysterectomy. To avoid losing any benefit of the natural hormones in my body, the doctors left my ovaries (interestingly, they found a fibroid had pinched off one of my Fallopian tubes and the ovary attached to it was atrophied and probably had never worked).

Five years later I was experiencing some of the physical symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats that got worse as my life became more stressful. I started looking in earnest for solutions. About a year ago I discovered my first all-natural supplement. However, it was expensive! I continued searching and one day when I saw an advertisement for pepper&wits products I placed an order just to try it. It was less expensive than what I was using and I figured that the worse that could happen would be that it didn't work.

One day, the postal worker dropped a thin box at my door. The paper packing smelled like a light perfume, the kind you might notice at a spa. In the box was a small container of Multi-Symptom capsules. I hadn’t been taking anything for my menopausal symptoms and I was thrilled to notice a decrease in hot flashes and night sweats within a few days. The product is more reasonably priced and provided the same benefits as other natural supplements I had tried but with fewer doses per day as well! I am grateful for the attentive customer service team at pepper&wits and the community of people behind the company.