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bundle care kits
It's time to rethink menopause care with products specially designed.
Daily vaginal lotion & applicator, 6-bottle care kit
$122.00  $85.40  (30% OFF)
Daily vaginal lotion & applicator, 4-bottle care kit
$82.00  $65.60  (20% OFF)
Daily vaginal lotion & applicator, 2-bottle care kit
$42.00  $37.80  (10% OFF)
Complete Menopause Care Kit
$118.00  $94.40  (20% OFF)
Starter Menopause Care Kit
$82.00  $73.80  (10% OFF)
vaginal lotions for dryness
When it comes to delicate vaginal skin, not any moisturizer will do. Our vaginal lotion is formulated specifically for the vaginal area to address dryness, itching, and discomfort without hormones.
pepper&wits daily vaginal lotion & applicator
From $22.00
pepper&wits daily vaginal lotion (no applicator)
Menopause can change how you sleep, sweat, and even think. Our carefully formulated supplements can help restore your normal.
pepper&wits multi-symptom dietary supplement
pepper&wits AM + PM supplement
pepper&wits PM + sleep dietary supplement
pepper&wits AM + vitality dietary supplement
all-over body lotions
Menopause changes skin all over the body at a cellular level. Our rich lotions restore hydration to hands, feet, and body, providing vitamins and moisture where it’s needed most.
pepper&wits nourishing hand & foot cream
pepper&wits nourishing body lotion